AOC Museum

The AOC Museum is the only one of its kind in the country. Visitors – both Indian and foreign – who have also visited similar museums across the world, uphold this museum as by far the most outstanding. For those who have not visited the AOC Museum, this pictorial description may serve as a self-invite.

The Beginning: The collections of Lord Warren Hastings, the Governor General of Bengal Presidency from 1774-1785, displayed at the Banquet Hall in Fort William, Kolkata is the beginning of this museum. Its chief claim to fame then was the weighing book which recorded the weight of all important persons visiting Calcutta since 1835, the first being Lord Irwin. That book performs the same role even today. In 1926, the Quartermaster General in India approved the establishment of the AOC Museum at the Fort William Depot in Calcutta. The Director of Equipment and Ordnance Services conveyed the Quartermaster General’s sanction in a letter dated 18 Jan 1926 to Ordnance Officer, Fort William Depot and asked him to proceed with cataloguing and arrangement of the exhibits. Transfer in of 19 rifles from Austria, Germany, France, Greece, Italy, Russia, Turkey and the United States of America, kept in Kirkee Arsenal accompanied the order. Later, exhibits were received from Rawalpindi, Allahabad, Rangoon, Quetta and Madras Arsenals and Agra Depot. Sanction was also obtained from the Government of Bengal to retain a considerable number of pistols and revolvers which were lying at the Fort William Depot for disposal.

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